Tony, along with Jason Fraser and the S.M. Wright Foundation, are involved in a wonderful charity — giving beds to families in need to ensure that kids have a comfortable, reliable place to sleep at night!

Here’s an excerpt from an e-mail the wonderful folks at the S.M. Wright Foundation sent out earlier today:

In South Dallas, too many children lack proper beds in which to sleep. Some are lucky enough to sleep on the family couch; others must sleep on the floor. To alleviate this problem, The S.M. Wright Foundation established the “Beds for Needy Kids Program” in early 2010. The objective of the program is to give disadvantaged children the opportunity to get a good night’s sleep by providing new twin bed sets.

To qualify, a family must complete an application and show proof of income and residency, provide a valid social security card and birth certificate for each family member, and meet Texas Commodity Assistance Program (TEXCAP) income requirements. After the application has been processed, a Foundation staff member visits the family’s residence to verify the need for a bed. Upon approval, the family can pick up the bed from the Foundation’s warehouse. Approximately one month after the bed is received, the Foundation staff member visits again to make sure the bed is being put to good use and to inform the family about other Foundation resources.

You can find more information or donate your time or money right here: It’s a wonderful program, to please take the time to check out the good work they’re doing!