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Selling Sunshine Is A Candidate for 800-CEO-READ Award

(Milwaukee, WI, December 19, 2011) Milwaukee company 800-CEO-READ, one of the leading national book suppliers and business information providers, has announced the candidates of its fifth annual Business Book Awards, which aims to recognize the best business books and authors of 2011.

Candidates from the following categories: Marketing and Sales, General Business, Entrepreneurship and Small Business, Finance and Economics, Innovation and Creativity, Leadership, Management, and Personal Development, will be posted daily this week at:

The winning books, authors, and publishers from each category will be announced in January 2012. Selling Sunshine: 75 Tips, Tools, and Tactics for Becoming a Wildly Successful Entrepreneur, by Tony Hartl, has been named as one of the nominees.

800-CEO-READ’s founder and president Jack Covert says the 800-CEO-READ Business Book Awards offer a great opportunity to review and distinguish the top titles of the year. “We want to thank the nominees and everyone who participated in this year’s awards. For the past twenty-seven years, we’ve been the only bookseller in the country focused exclusively on the business audience. This experience has put us in the unique position to highlight the best of the genre,” says Covert.

800-CEO-READ has concentrated on selling business books via their customer service phone number (800-236-7323) and website ( while also spreading great business ideas via its daily weblog, its monthly newsletter, The Keen Thinker, the monthly publication of essays on ChangeThis, its annual Business Book Awards, its review of books called Jack Covert Selects, and the yearly magazine, In The Books. In 2010, 800-CEO-READ began a partnership with Inc. to publish and promote its bestseller list.