About the Book

“Selling Sunshine: 75 Tools, Tips, and Tactics for Becoming a Wildly Successful Entrepreneur,” By Tony Hartl is a recipe for success for aspiring entrepreneurs, those who are already in the business, and employees and managers of every level. This book is two parts instruction, one part inspiration with a dash of experience and a host of real-life examples.

It will equip the reader to create, maintain, and grow a meaningful business with a fulfilling company culture. Mr. Hartl knows the value of hard work and the steps necessary to control your own destiny and become a successful entrepreneur. Growing up in a single-parent family in the Midwest, Mr. Hartl had the odds stacked against him from a young age. But he overcame the obstacles of poverty, put himself through college, and started his own business at the age of 26. Thirteen years later, he sold it for millions.

The next generation of entrepreneurs will be inspired by Mr. Hartl’s rags to riches story and equipped to write their own. As further testimony to his commitment to future business leaders, all book proceeds will be donated to the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE), an organization devoted to educating low-income youths about the power of business and the skills they posses to rise out of poverty through entrepreneurship.

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