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Success Magazine
In his new book, Selling Sunshine: 75 Tips, Tools, and Tactics for Becoming a Wildly Successful Entrepreneur, Tony Hartl offers a wealth of advice (75 tips to be exact) on how to build a strong, profitable business and at the same time maintain a culture that makes people want to be part of what you’ve created.
September 2011


Exceptional Wisdom Radio
Tony Hartl is interviewed on the Career Success show hosted by Andy Robinson & Carrie Robinson
April 2011


Eventual Millionaire
Millionaire Interview
April 2011


Mr. Media
Tan entrepreneur Tony Hartl explains Selling Sunshine! (Interview)
March 2011


Instant MBA
Bonuses Should Be Unexpected
March 2011


Interview with former Founder/CEO of Planet Tan
March 2011


Dino Herbert
Interview with Blog Talk Radio
March 2011


Under 30 CEO
Peopling for Performance: How to Staff Successfully
March 2011


Startup Nation
Keep Starbursters from Bursting Your Business
March 2011


Entrepreneur Corner
Want to hang onto your best talent? Try the unexpected
March 2011


Motivated Online
Wild Success: Be Determined And Always Give Back
March 2011


Business Info Guide
Interview: Tony Hartl, author of Selling Sunshine
March 2011


Business News Daily
46 Big Ideas for 2011
December 2010


Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship
Interview with Successful Entrepreneur Tony Hartl and NFTE Alum, Ariell Buckingham
November 2010


A Closer Look With Pam Atherton
Interview with Pam Atherton
November 2010


Entrepreneurs’ Organization
Inspiring a New Generation of Entrepreneurs – Feature Interview
October 2010


Shoestring Venture – The Startup Bible Blog
“Lifelong Social Entrepreneur: Tony Hartl” – Feature Interview
August 2010


Power of Care Blog
“Teaching Entrepreneurship – An Interview with NFTE Leaders” – Feature Blog
July 2010


Carol Roth Biz Blog
“163 Pieces of the Best Business Advice” – Blog
July 2010


Simplicity Mastered Business Blog
“91 Fundamental Habits of Highly Motivated Small Business Owners” – Blog
July 2010


Up Start Magazine
“One Entrepreneur on Marketing: Tony Hartl” – Feature Article
June 2010


Sales Pop
“Sales Entrepreneur Tony Hartl Shines on Sales” – Feature Article
May 2010


Fortune Small Business
“Get Customers to Sell for You” – Feature Cover & Article
June 2008


Dallas Business Journal
Best Places to Work
“Out of the Box and Unorthodox” – Feature Article
2006 & 2007


Inc. Magazine
“Location, Location, Location” – Article
February 2005


Dallas Observer
“Planet Cool” – Feature Article
June 2004


Inc. Magazine
“Meetings – Get out More” – Article
May 2004


D Magazine
“Top  Entrepreneurs under Forty” – Feature Article
January 2004

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